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Commercial Electrical Services

Considering most commercial electrical systems in Washington are inherently more complex than their residential electrical system counterparts, it's in every commercial property owner's best interest to address any electrical repairs, replacements, or installations through the expertise of an experienced commercial electrical contractor.

Industrial Electrical Services

Similar to commercial electrical systems in Washington with their innate complexity, intracacies, and requirement of experienced coverage, an industrial electrical system also has the added burden of supplying electricity to not only a building or structure but also in actively maintaining the industrial property's heavy machinery.

Agricultural Electrical Services

Whether it's simply identifying problematic issues that are plaguing an agricultural electrical system or if an electrical system overhaul is deemed necessary, we find it prudent for local agricultural property owners to consider enlisting professional electrical services based off of experience & efficacy as opposed to potential savings or immediate convenience.

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With a specialization in commercially-scaled electrical systems, we’ve been one of the leading electrical contractors throughout the Burbank, Washington area because of our extensive electrical service coverage, including electrical repairs, replacements, and installations. For over a decade, we’ve maintained a strict electrical standard of safety & sound practice in opposition to cutting corners or shirking our responsibility as electrical service professionals. Regarding industrial, agricultural, and commercial size electrical systems, we utilize our considerable electrical experience to save time, effort, and money, all the while fulfilling essential electrical service capacities on behalf of our valued clients. Be it (re)designing an electrical system to support a commercial complex, industrial warehouse, or a large-scale agricultural operation, or simply affecting repairs/maintenance under the same conditions to keep such enterprises well-supplied with a reliable electrical feed; you can rest assured that our stellar reputation as a leading electrical company in Burbank, WA is as well-earned as it is well-received.

For the convenience of our clientele (both current/active as well as prospective/potential), we offer flexible scheduling and immediate response times regarding our various electrical services in Burbank, Washington. Feel free to reach out to our on-staff master electricians if you are interested in scheduling a particular electrical service, including electrical repairs, electrical installations, electrical (re)designs & (re)wiring, or implementing a customized electrical maintenance program for a chosen property.

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It’s been an ongoing mission of ours here at McEachen Electric, LLC to not only remain as a dependable resource in Burbank, Washington as a premier electrical contractor that specializes in commercial electrical systems but to also bridge the gap between local demand of electrical coverage and a lacking of quality or consistency when performing said electrical services.

  • Electrical Repairs
  • Electrical Replacements
  • Electrical (Re)Designs
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical (Re)Wiring
  • Electrical Overhauls
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Electrical Installations
  • We encourage any local owners/operators of large-scale properties (industrial, commercial, agricultural to name a few) to reach out to our in-house electrical technicians in order to obtain comprehensive electrical coverage, including electrical system services of optimization, consolidation, and even upgrades.



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